Biofficient's clinical development e-procurement platform saves biopharmaceutical companies significant time, resources and dollars during the clinical development procurement process. This unique application enables the entire clinical RFP process to be completed online. Biopharmaceutical companies create RFPs through a secure, confidential cloud-based system. With Biofficient's patent-pending adaptive matching algorithms, biopharmaceutical companies can identify service providers and review responses through a dashboard comparison by cost and experience. Simply create RFPs, track, select and compare vendors through every stage of the process on your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device.

With Biofficient’s unique adaptive architecture gives our clients maximum flexibility.  Start today using Biofficient’s industry standard flow, or work with Biofficient to quickly customize the system to follow your organization’s existing workflow and processes.



  • Procur™ - clinical development e-procurement platform
  • Profficient™ - early phase cost forecaster
  • Legacy upload – import your legacy data to jump start your analytics
  • Procur™ custom workflow - use Biofficient's adaptive architecture to customize your own solution


  • Entire clinical RFP process can be completed on line
  • Patent–pending adaptive matching algorithms
  • Dashboard comparison of multiple provider responses
    • Cost
    • Experience
  • Detailed analytics to provide insight in clinical development spend